Partnership Value Calculator

A high profile client needed a sales tool to help them pitch to prospective clients around Europe and the solution proposed was to develop a multilingual, Drupal powered website which would allow the sales team to log in and create Fusion Charts powered presentations from dynamically calculated figures. I wrote a module that allowed the sales team to enter figures which would calculate predicted revenue increases based on calculations provided to me.

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Meet the Technical Architects

Whilst working as a developer at the Crocodile Integrating Marketing in London, I got given the task of developing a CMS powered animated map for EMC Computers. Flash was chosen as the platform by the client and Expression Engine was chosen as the CMS to power the microsite as it was flexible, Flash-friendly and rapid to deploy. The site contains multi-lingual contact and campaign information for European EMC partners and was built in ActionScript 3 using Object Oriented Programming to ensure future development work could be easily performed.

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